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Cryoskin is a state-of-the-art treatment that tones fat and skin by using sub-zero temperatures. It’s non-invasive, non-painful, and more reliable than Botox. It can be used to look younger, to improve your skin’s appearance, or to help as a weight loss treatment. It’s an easy way to help you look and feel better.


How does Cryoskin work?

Once you enter The Treatment Lounge at Privé, one of our professionals will do a thorough consultation to assess your needs. One way that Cryoskin works is utilizing cold therapy to freeze and ultimately destroy fat cells. The fat cells are absorbed through your lymphatic system and their disappearance is usually noticeable right away. 


The procedure also improves circulation and boosts collagen production. So afterwards your skin will appear visibly tighter, younger, smoother, and clearer than before thanks to reduced inflammation and pores closing. If your skin is naturally prone to redness or acne, Cryoskin can be a huge help to treat those conditions. It can also target specific areas of the body such as love handles or double chins that are more difficult to deal with through exercise and diet. That’s because targeting those specific areas can destroy localized fat cells, whereas your exercise and diet have more of an “overall” effect on your body. It can be a much easier way to achieve fat loss.

What are the benefits?

Cryoskin treatments offer three main benefits: toning, slimming, and skin rejuvenation.

Toning happens as a result of thermal shock, which delivers immediately in terms of improving circulation and producing healthy collagen. Even one Cryoskin toning session can have anti-aging effects that are visible to the naked eye.


Slimming occurs by freezing fat cells, targeting those specific areas as mentioned above. When those fat cells go below freezing, they undergo cell death and get absorbed by your lymphatic system. This is a natural non-intrusive way of losing fat instantly.

Finally, skin rejuvenation happens as a result of decreased cellulite, smaller/closed pores, improved circulation, and stretch mark reduction. This is considered an overall benefit of cryotherapy in general, and will result whether you book a slimming or toning session.


What are the side effects?

Other than the feeling a bit chilly, there are very few side effects. Your skin may have some mild redness for an hour or two afterwards. Also, since part of the way your body gets rid of the dead fat cells is through urine, you may urinate slightly more in the days following your treatment. Otherwise, there aren't any side effects.

Is Cryoskin safe?

If you are a generally healthy person then yes, it is completely safe, however there are some conditions and illnesses that may not work well with this treatment. You should talk to your doctor before deciding if it's right for you. People with cancer, severe diabetes, Reynaud’s Syndrome, circulation issues, or pregnancy should not book a Cryoskin session.

What is the procedure like?

Cryoskin feels like you’d expect; it’s a sensation of localized cold, not unlike putting a cold pack on your skin. We also use a specialized hyaluronic acid gel to protect the direct surface of your skin from the extreme low temperatures so it doesn’t feel too cold as well as hydrate the skin. Many people find Cryoskin to be a relaxing, spa-like experience.

How long until I see results?

Everybody is different and reacts differently to cryotherapy. That being said, most people will be able to see results after their first session. As with anything, the more sessions you have, the better your results will be. Your results from each session will peak around 2-3 weeks after your actual appointment, as this is when your body has finished expelling the dead fat cells from the cryotherapy. As far as lasting results, that’s up to your diet, lifestyle, and individual body response to Cryoskin.


How often can I get treated?

You must wait a minimum of two weeks between Cryoskin Slimming appointments for safety reasons. Cryotherapy literally kills fat cells, and your body needs to process that waste naturally. It's best not to over work your lymphatic system and wait a couple weeks between sessions.

Will my skin be affected after?

Although you don’t want any product on your skin before you have your Cryoskin appointment, it’s totally fine to begin applying products to your skin after the treatment is over. It's wise to make sure you don’t have any makeup on before the procedure but afterwards, it should be ok.

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If you’re interested in a natural, safe, non-intrusive way to slim, tone, and improve your skin, chances are that Cryoskin was made exactly for someone like you. Best of all, our friendly and professional staff at Privé will make your appointment a relaxing and rewarding experience. 

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